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#TBT Aquastar Seatime Ref. 1007Here is something interesting for the weekly dose of vintage awesomeness often known as Throw Back Thursday or #TBT. This week we drift out of the vintage chronographs that ruled #TBT and jump into your arena of dive replica watches (sorry regarding the pun). Our subject for this episode managed to fly under the radar for a long period but we're feeling it time for it to shed some light around the piece and explain how remarkable it can be inside flesh using its rare technical details. So with virtually no further ado please meet our subject: #TBT Aquastar Seatime Ref. 1007. Aquastar SeatimeAquastar S.A. is truly one of those brands that you just definitely find when you on vintage divers. The Benthos 500 having its outstanding water proofing (yes, it 500m) as well as the Regate, the first yacht timer wristwatch ever would be the flagships of the brand. A brand that's actually younger than your average #TBT watch manufacture having been established in Geneva in 1962 as a sub label of JeanRichard S.A. Nonetheless exists with limited success today producing quartz yacht timers in addition to a cool form of the Regate Timer. After the success from the Benthos and Regate in the 1960 , Aquastar took to amaze the watch world with many further technical innovations inside the 1970 . They improved their Regate collection but also introduced another model palette: the Seatime. These replica watches were water repellent as much as 200 meters along a mechanical movement with an inner rotating bezel.vintage Aquastar magazine ad featuring the SeaTime models (photo source eBay) Seatime FamilyThe Seatime family has a few different models. You will find the Reference 1000 which has been to start a date model, gold plated or stainless cushion shape case, rotating inner bezel altimeter watches , fast (some say it black), gold or silver dial. The ladies version was the Reference 1004, which was smaller (32mm) compared to the normal model (40mm) but technically identical to the Ref. 1000. Lastly we entered our watch, the Reference 1007, which has the same physical features are the Reference 1000 but it incorporates a day-date as opposed to date only. Given that we'd some overview let acquire the watch and hold it in your hands.Ref. 1007As I mentioned previously, this version is the most improved outside the three and that is because of the day-date function. We have it with a vintage Tropic Sport strap and knowning that attached with it the watch feels extremely balanced weight-wise with your palm and also to the wrist.A while ago you might purchase it with an NSA metal bracelet too but I e yet to discover any. The case is roughly 40mm oval (cushion) shaped kind of like the Omega Seamsater Chronostop without as much extra crowns and pushers.Because this example is pretty original the sunburst finish is present and robust, the edges are sharp the outer lining is scratch free. The crown, that has Aquastar starfish logo on, is vital to some cool features I known initially informed.The bezel is positioned about the dial underneath the crystal, within the watch. Even so how does one rotate it? The crown is not screw-down and there's replica rolex cause for it. Should you wind it in the normal, pressed-in position it'll turn the bezel bi-directionally. Pretty cool feature the other you rarely see. Pull it to first position and you'll set the afternoon and also the date.The technicality isn't over yet. This watch is capable of displaying the times by two languages; English or French. If you choose English set your day to Tuesday for instance and the watch displays it and would jump to Wednesday around midnight as if it would do normally. However if you fancy the changing times in French you'll be able to pull out the crown screw it a bit until you see the day disc flipping up to french day of Mardi after which it'll go on in French. Inside second position obviously you can set any time like you would do normally.When you flip the watch all over again you find the starfish symbol in the heart of the doomed screw-in case back. Around it research the manufacturer name quastar Geneveand extremely faintly the serial and also the reference number can also be visible. That it, basically how a pure diver must have held it's place in the early 70 . Dial, hands, bezel and strapMy version has got the silver dial hublot ice bang , watches dark blue inner bezel and blue second hand. Large on the dial actually matches the matte polished case perfectly. Indicating the hours you find Tritium filled round raised indexes quastar S.A. Geneveand the starfish logo just below the 12 and eatimejust above the 6. The Swiss Made Tframes the index at 6.The hour and minute hands are stainless thick, stick-hands with many luminous paint about them still working, as they should. Your second hand has got the same blue tone because the bezel, again an incredible color combo, just like what we should have experienced using the dial and also the case. At 3 you have the day-date window enclosed by the gentle black hairline frame.Now to the bezel. We have an exciting fast, just like steel blue color. The numbers 10-20-30-40-50 are applied metal indexes much like the little squares indicating 5-15-25…and the like. At 12 you've got a triangle with some luminous paint in the centre.I think what could really set the watch off is always to swap this black Tropic strap having a dark blue one but on one side it truly is essentially as rare being a hen teeth, in contrast even if you select one it's usually not 19mm the strap size this marvelous watch. A. Schild MovementThe heart of the Aquastar Seatime is the A.Schild 2066. This is a 17 Jewel automatic movement produced by AS between 1969 and 1978 and contains an incredible 46 hours of power reserve. The movement was implemented by brands such as Bulova into their JetStar watch but you'll believe it is from the Alpina President or perhaps some Blancpain models. Not really a particularly complicated movement but very sturdy but still straightforward to service because of large accessibility of parts and, perhaps, donor movements. All-in-allThe Aquastar Seatime isn't an fancy watch but it stuffed with great little features which makes it an utterly enjoyable vintage piece. How big is it is simply perfect, it sits comfortably even on my small largish 7.5wrist. The watch is thick enough to have a great presence yet you are able to hide it within a jacket or shirt cuff. So why could you? It a lot of watch for cash and whoever prefers vintage, yet not particularly a diver fan, can take advantage of it due to colors. It won't actually seem like a diver but definitely bears the DNA of the brand. The cushion shape case is often a personal favorite of mine, something an indication II or the recently reviewed JetPilot also features. The expense of this vintage greatness is far underneath the tariff of its Regate brothers and you can grab a significant example between 00-600. I can but encourage someone to check into this brand and other vintage divers; they could offer cool little replica watches for the cash. Who knows maybe when the vintage chronograph craze dies out WIS will start to pick-up divers. You may thank me then Image Gallery Aquastar Seatime